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We’re part of a premier professional association for independent agents.

Our membership provides us access to industry-leading professional development, advocacy, industry information, knowledge base, communications, and more. The programs, products, and services provided by IA&B help us to be the very best we can be and provide you, our customers, with expert advice and service.

Insurance Agents & Brokers (IA&B) is the premier resource and champion for independent insurance agents in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Delaware. IA&B is a professional trade association that is a driving force behind professional training, advocacy, and support for independent agencies. Learn more about IA&B!

The IA&B Difference


Membership in IA&B affords us educational and professional development opportunities for our agents and our customers.


IA&B provides us the ability to exchange information among and between other member organizations and customers.


We’re able to provide you excellent risk management and services because of our membership in IA&B. Our agency has access to professionals who understand this business inside and out.


Our young professionals are the future experts in the industry. Through IA&B, today’s young agents will become tomorrow’s leaders, keeping your interests covered for years to come.

Independent Agents

As independent agents, we’re able to offer products from a variety of insurers. We’re not locked into any one set of products. For our clients, this means access to the best coverage for their needs. No two families or companies are alike, and our team of insurance advisors can identify the risks and provide solutions for the concerns you face.

Our membership in IA&B enables us to keep abreast of industry standards and innovations. We’re able to learn and grow through the expertise of industry leaders, all while collaborating with other member agencies who share our mindset and vision. Our commitment and ongoing involvement in the insurance industry allow us to best serve you for years to come.

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