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What Should You Do During a Hurricane

Its hurricane season. If you area is getting hit by a storm and you were not ordered to evacuate, here are some tips that can help you stay safe:

  • Listen to your portable radio for important storm information and instructions.
  • If you remained at home, stay inside and keep away from all windows, skylights and glass doors. Go to a safe area, such as an interior room, closet or downstairs bathroom.
  • You should never go outside the protection of your home or shelter before there is confirmation that the storm has passed the area. The “eye” of the storm could create a temporary lull, with big winds still on their way.
  • If power is lost, keep the refrigerator closed to keep cold air trapped and delay perishable food from spoiling.
  • If you use a portable generator, take extra precautions. Generators should be properly grounded and should never be operated indoors, in garages, basements or near windows or doors. Since generators produce carbon monoxide (CO), make sure you have a working CO detector in your home.

By making safety your number one priority, you can better protect your family and your property

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