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How to Make Sure you are Getting the Best Deal on your New Car

Whether it’s your first time buying a new car or you’ve owned a few in your day, choosing a new vehicle is a big commitment. When it’s time to buy a car, here are some helpful tips to put you on the right track!

  • Stick to your budget. Before you decide what kind of car you would like to own, know how much you have for a down payment, and what you can afford each month. As a general rule, you should earmark no more than 20% of your monthly income toward your car payment and related expenses (like insurance, gas, and maintenance).
  • New or used? Weigh out the pros and cons of buying either a new or used vehicle.
  • Narrow down your options. Decide if you’re looking for a truck, compact, sedan or SUV, then research the top makes and models in the class you’re looking for. Independent guides like Consumer Reports and Kelley Blue Book can be great resources in your decision-making process.
  • Keep an eye on interest rates. Sure, that 0% interest rate the dealership is offering might sound great – but very few new car buyers actually qualify for it. Check around – you may get better financing somewhere else.
  • Look for discounts and incentives. Students and military members may qualify for discounts, while some dealerships offer cash back rewards.
  • Take your time. Don’t rush in to buying a new car! Take a thorough test drive. Be sure the seats are comfortable, there’s adequate trunk space for your needs, and enough leg room for passengers in the back seat.

With a little preparation, buying your next vehicle will be an exciting experience! And if we can help you with your car insurance needs, give us a call today.

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