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Are You Getting All of Your Insurance Discounts?

Ok this is a big one, are you checking to make sure you are getting all your discounts on your auto insurance? Right now I’m going to encourage you to do this once a year preferably at renewal. With auto insurance there is a list of discounts that you could be getting and most people do not even know it. Frankly I like to tell people whenever you go through a change in your life inquire about how that change might affect your insurance. Most changes will affect your insurance rates in some manner either with an increase or decrease in premium (It’s all about risk).

Let’s begin with a change in work scenario. You just changed jobs and only drive 2 miles to work instead of 30 miles, you just earned a discount. Maybe you just retired and now you use your car for pleasure, putting less than 6k per year, you get a short mileage discount. Also you now may be eligible for a 55 or older discount or a retired discount.  Another situation might be your job gave you a company car. Now the only car on your policy is a pleasure use only vehicle. Call your agent because he or she may be able to force a multicar discount on your policy, lowering your rates a couple hundred dollars.

How about teen driver scenarios? You just added a young driver to the policy, make sure the agent knows exactly how many months or years that driver has been licensed. If you put your young driver on the policy 2 years after licensed for whatever reason, they now have 2 yrs driving experience which probably gives them an extra discount. Also driver training behind the wheel and in the class room certification will give you a discount.  Some companies offer a good grades or B’s or better discounts. Some companies offer youthful driver discounts where no one in the household has had at fault accidents in the house for five years as well as no surcharge able moving violations. Did you know you can add discounts for being over 100 miles away at school with no vehicle?  Lastly when your young driver is older 23 or above and has a job, you may find that putting a young driver on their own policy is cheaper than being on your policy.

Here is a list of some other discounts you may want to inquire about.
1. Pay in full discount and Auto withdraw discount.
2. Accident prevention or 55 alive discount.
3. AAA member discount.
4. Home owner discount.
5. College degree discount.
6. Life Multi-policy discount.
7. Multi-policy discounts, umbrella ins, Home ins, inland marine etc. …

As an Independent Insurance Agent I deal with many insurance companies. I will tell you that all companies offer different discounts so they do not offer the same ones. But always know the discounts that are available to you through your current insurance company. Please if you’re not happy with the company you are with ask your Agent to shop you around with other companies, that’s what we always do for our clients.  Let me know if we can help in anyway.

AIS Insurance Group, INC.

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